Siha & Afia International

Siha & Afia International was established in 2003. We are at the top of the list of well-known brands that sells the largest range of fresh organic food across UAE. Connect with us to have fresh organic cold press oils, gluten-free bread, groceries, organic breakfast cereals drinks, and other healthy snacks. You can visit the supermarket and hypermarkets to get our products. We also do manufacturing of all types of Gluten-Free Food. Our commercial office and warehouse is located in the Dubai Flower Centre. We facilitate our customers to access directly to our products. Moreover, you can also get benefit from our home delivery service.

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Stay connected with Siha & Afia International to keep yourself healthy and fresh. Find all types of organic food at one place. Our goal is to soothe your taste buds with our allergy-free products. Allergic food range includes foods without Gluten, Soy, Lactose, Sugar (Diabetics) and Wheat. We keep providing our customers with new taste and organic lifestyle. The satisfaction of the customer is our primary concern. Update us with your comments and share your recommendations with us.

Siha & Afia International comprises of a hardworking team that believes on contributing all the possible factors to produce the top-notch product. We encourage healthy food that helps to make your life healthier. From raw quinoa seeds to snacks and munchies, you can find all the food range that covers big part of your daily menu.

Naturally grown healthy food is here that is safe from harmful chemicals that include fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides. We have a wide range of organic food products that are free from any artificial colors, emulsifiers, sweeteners, or preservatives as compare to other markers.

Who we work with

Siha & Afia International carefully deals with direct farms and suppliers. Suppliers must fill out the certifications and coordinate with our quality standards to work with us.

Our promise to you

Siha & Afia International promise you to serve with the food that makes your body more healthy. Let’s connect with us and experience a journey full of nourishment. Try our best range of organic food that are available easily in the market or you can also order at your home.

Company History

Siha & Afia International was started in 2003. The company was established to fulfill the need of organic and macrobiotic foods. The company was made to take care of people’s health. It is our prior responsibility to provide the nutritious and allergy and guilt-free products. After getting a successful response in Lebanon, we opened another branch in Dubai in the year 2012. We named our company behind the famous saying health is wealth. The reason was to tell the people to be grateful for your health as a healthy body always possesses a healthy mind.

A Macrobiotic way of living

Keeping the macrobiotic concept of living in our mind and introducing it in the market we start selling the ingredients of macrobiotic food. You can find a big range of organic and macrobiotic food that makes your life healthier. People suffering from diabetes, heart diseases, and high cholesterol levels can use our organic food and can try to stay healthy.

Our Product Range

Find the largest product range in the UAE at Siha & Afia International. We carry more than 1200 organic food items that are allergy-free. Before supplying the items, we check each item extensively. We are planning to spread our organic food in the market of the Middle East and other countries.

On the demand, we have started supplying gluten-free and vegan-friendly products to encourage an allergy-free and a healthy lifestyle.

We strive to set new trends in the market by offering you a wide range of high-quality organic food products. It is our responsibility to make sure that our organic food range is free from any preservatives or additives. We personally verify our high-quality organic food with 100% transparency.

Shake hands with us to share the motive to provide healthy living and maintaining high environmental standards. Serving you with the ethical products by following the strict standards is our motive.

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Our Mission – Organic and Healthy Food


Our main aim is to transfer our business into the healthy and socially responsible food industry by maintaining the best business principle. We admired to have informed choices and signify the health effect. Our customers can easily get the information they need about the ingredients. We also provide the details about our diverse operations. You can get organic, bio-dynamic, Genetically Engineered-free organic food easily from one place.

We are one of the leading food industries that also supply the products in bulk. To make your life healthier, our organic products are distributed at leading supermarkets and hypermarkets in UAE. Our main operations are carried on from United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Lebanon. We are planning to move it to other countries with the motive to provide you easy access to healthy and nutritious food products.


You can blindly trust us as we never disappoint our customers and always keep our promise to provide a high-quality organic and gluten-free products. Siha & Afia international is a food industry also known for its friendly environment and cooperative teams. However, you will be served with the golden opportunities to learn about healthy environment. Our products are naturally grown and free from any harmful fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, and other chemicals. These chemicals are dangerous for your health and spread negative effect on your body. Grab your cart and add fresh organic and gluten-free products which are free from artificial colors, emulsifiers, sweeteners, or preservatives.

Connect with us to know more about Siha & Afia international. We perform the transaction positively with honesty and dignity, delivering loyal and valuable relationship to our customer with the quality guaranteed products.


Below is the goal and aims we implement at Siha & Afia International:-

  • To raise and upgrade our organic practices and commodities which help in the use of toxic and harmful chemicals. In this way the customer can get benefit from our fresh organic and gluten-free products. Working to introduce the macrobiotic way of living by providing the macrobiotic meal ingredients in the market as macrobiotic food reduces the chances of diabetes, heart diseases, and high cholesterol levels.We are also promoting the gluten-free and vegan bakery in Dubai to have allergy-free products for a healthy life.
  • To inspire the consumers from our food industry in order to convince that we are their right choice. We encourage healthy living among the consumers by educating them about our organic and gluten-free products. Our products are purely organic and enhance your living. You can buy our products at reasonable prices. We are here to offer you a fresh healthy food product as we believe on the research that tells us the significance of the relationship of your mind with soul.
  • To spread the public awareness about the importance of allergy free organic food. We offer the macrobiotic way of living to reduce the chances of deceases. 


Siha & Afia International believes in providing the top quality organic and allergyu free food products. We check the products through extensive quality checks in order to maintain high standards. Our food products are 100% organic and allergy free. We highly avoid GMO materials in our products as it is full of preservatives. It is our duty to maintain the balance and serve you healthy products. We never compromise on quality. Children can also eat our naturally grown products. You can select from a wide range of quality organic and gluten free food. Our organic food is free from any preservatives and are suitable for daily diet.

Our company made the relationship more meaningful with our suppliers as we follow every principle of supply chain and go along with FARM to FORK method. Furthermore, the process begins from the farm and there comes the next step which is to pack the ingredient, then the packages are store in the warehouse and supply to the buyers.

We focus the process of manufacture at a primary level. It is our responsibility to deliver you the best product that we have. We select high-quality products for selling and supplying.

Siha & Afia International manages the farming and the distributors ethically with respect. There are many suppliers who buy our products. These products have to go through various checks to ensure the quality of the product. After checking, the product is delivered to its buyers.


Siha & Afia International address health issues and its care by different ways. We make sure that our customers get the proper nutrient which includes proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and minerals. It is our main motive to look through the farms and its resources in order to fulfill your requirements.

Thus, it is our fundamental responsibility and aim to manage our business in such a way that it will not harm the environment. We respect our customer and treat them with high pleasure. Siha & Afia International puts all the efforts to make use of all the resources and provide top-notch food. Therefore, we follow 3-Rs (Recycle, Reuse, Reduce) which is implemented in our food industry

Local business and farmers are the main target of Siha & Afia International. We believe in the advancement of technology and movement that adopt by us to make the 100% organic products. Moreover, we transform our food industry with the advancement of technology. To protect our world from harmful products and to spread awareness about health is our primary responsibility.

Earth And Balance Between People

Siha & Afia International promotes earth sustainability and its people. The food industry we aimed to make is easily available for everyone from children to their guardians. The products made from organic or bio-dynamic technique is at your approach. The relationship between our food industry and supplier is highly appreciated. There is a chain of our customers which is spreading rapidly day by day.

We always look through the responsible distributor that helps us to run our food industry with more loyalty. Our company is surviving and growing continuous around the world. Our team has the most able workers that work very hard to get its motive.

Siha & Afia International keeps these above mention principle as their priority.

Moreover, we only produce the products which appeal to the healthy environment. The companies who belief in the betterment of mankind and work to improve the health of human beings work with us. We share the same motive and spread the positiveness by providing the health awareness.

Our food industry supports every individual who work for improving the health and environment. Make a contribution by connecting with the top food industry and support us in our mission.

Furthermore, It is essential for the company to appreciate the team and encourage them to produce more quality food.


Finally, Our motive is to make our company the biggest food industry which shares its high quality allergy free organic products to improve the health of their customer. To grow positive impact and spread a healthy life style is our aim. This reflects our mission and goal to provide healthy and fresh organic food. We have a passion for developing the best products all over the country.

We make this process of naturally growing into fun. Get our great guilt-free and organic foods that are available easily at your place. Our products will take you to the journey of a healthy lifestyle. You can also get home delivery of our high-quality organic and allergy free food at your home by just one click. From 2017, we have starts the easy cash on delivery service. Browse the website or and get your products.

Siha & Afia International consist of the team that uses the new and different techniques to update the industry. It is very important to update the company according to the need of customer.

We are planning to spread our business in GCC and worldwide. Stay connected with us and get benefit from our fresh organic products. Contact us if you want to ask any question